Rindus Service Center


Need a professional inspection of your motors, gearboxes, pumps, fans, pneumatic control cabinets, pneumatic cylinders? Whatever brand you work with, our team of highly trained technicians, with years of experience in the sector, can offer you a wide range of services. This can be done either at your location or at the Rindus Service Center in Geel.

Ecological sustainability

The Rindus Service Center is equipped with new quality appliances and machines. This allows us to work in an ecologically sustainable way.
• Test stand
• Steam cabin
• Drying ovens
• Spraying booth
• Sandblasting booth
• High pressure degreaser tank
• Industrial parts cleaner
• Lathe / Milling machine / ...
• Welding angle
• State of the art measuring tools, electrical and mechanical

Service Center or On-site

If required, our specialists also perform works On-Site. Some examples are: removal and installation of your drive, alignments, vibration measurements, DC brush check, leak detection, balancing, measuring motors with our Schleich MotorAnalyzer, periodic inspection, ...



• AC motors, (drum motors, vibration motors, saw motors, slip ring motors, blowers, ... )
• DC-motors
• Gearboxes
• Pumps
• Ventilators
• Drives

Easily request your repair

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Of course, you can also call or email at +32 14 49 07 49 and services@rindus.be