Belts and Pulleys

Rindus offers not only the standard range of V-belts, timing belts, flat belts and conveyor belts, but also a wide range of special designs such as shift belts, belts with special covers, carriers and many others. Our technical experts cut to width, welding of endless PU timing and round belts and fitting with cleats or coverings if required. At Rindus you will find pulleys in stock up to a diameter of 1250 mm in pre-drilled and clamping bush design.
Special pulleys and balanced pulleys according to plan are also among the possibilities.


V-belts, Timing belts, V-belt pulleys, Timing belt pulleys, Flat drive belts, Variator belts and pulleys, Gear belts, Round belts

Our Brands

Optibelt, Gates, Megadyne, SKF, Volta, Breco, Fenner, Synchroflex, Bando